Thursday, April 2, 2009

Herring spawn in heart of Vancouver

Scientists have discovered a ribbon of herring spawn about a kilometer long on newly restored shoreline in Vancouver's False Creek, says this story in the Vancouver Sun. For those of you unfamiliar with Vancouver jargon, False Creek isn't a creek at all, but an inlet, which snakes under the shadow of high-rises southeast of downtown. There are no modern records of herring spawning there before.

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Patrick Walshe, R.P. Biologist said...

John Harper of the Green Shores Technical Team was facilitating a volunteer team pilot testing the Green Shores Coastal Development Rating System when he discovered the herring spawn, the first in a very long time. The spawn was a result of improved habitat and water quality in the area. Green Shores provides guidelines and incentives for more sustainable coastal development, trains practitioners in Green Shores approaches and provides planning support for local governments.


"The Green Shores project promotes more sustainable use of coastal ecosystems through planning and design that recognizes ecological features and functions. Green Shores promotes healthy coastal environments that provide both valuable habitat and goods and services of significant economic and social value to coastal communities."

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