Friday, April 10, 2009

Geese and more geese

The Bend Bulletin has an interesting story about some studies on Canada Goose habits in Deschutes County -- studies that have implications on what can be done about the hordes of enormous waterfowl spreading through local ecosystems, gobbling crops and pooping on lawns.
It was thought that the main problem was distinguishing between resident geese (waterfront-hogging, lawn-pooping pests) and migratory geese (majestic native birds that soar on epic journeys between California and Northern Canada and mostly mind their own business.)
The studies found that there's a couple more groups of geese mixed in there: local residents (groups that stay in a county-sized region, but move from place to place) and regional residents (geese that meander around the Pacific Northwest.)
The more Canada Geese stay in one place, the bigger pests they are.
Via Sightline Daily.

Photo from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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