Friday, November 13, 2009

Figuring out fungi, revisited.

An expert, Fred Rhoades, a mycologist and lichenologist based in Bellingham, kindly gave me feedback on my IDs. The good news: one of them is right. The rest? Well...

I had arrived at Cryptoporus volvatus. Rhoades says it's not that. In fact, I don't just have the species wrong. I may have the kingdom wrong. Rhoades says it looks like a slime mold, Lycogala epidendrum.

My assessment for this: Lactarius subflammeus. Rhoades says I'm sort of right: it is a Lactarius, and it might be subflammeus. Or it might be something else.
" need to taste all those little orange, white-milked Lactarii to separate the peppery ones from the mild ones. Then precise color, viscidity and host trees nearby (all Lactarius are mycorrhizal) are important."

My call: Boletus zellerii. Rhoades's verdict: correct.

I said Clitocybe clavipes. "...looks like it might be an old Gomphidius glutinosus," Rhoades says.

I think it's a Russula. Rhoades says the stem is too skinny. "Perhaps Leucopaxillus???"

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