Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Barred owl in Discovery Park

I heard a bunch of crows and Steller's Jays making a ruckus, so I knew there was something interesting around. Sure enough, there was a Barred Owl, in a hemlock next to the loop trail. It was fluffing up its feathers and occasionally snapping at crows who came too close. After a while, the other birds moved on.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - Writing this at 1am. I live about a block from Discovery Park on an extension of Kiwanis ravine near the visitors center and was just awakened by an owl hooting over and over. This is the second time I've heard it in the middle of the night this summer (we have two little kids and are up at night sometimes). Last time I heard him I was too tired to reach for my laptop but not tonight. I went through all the owl vocalizations on birdweb and there is no doubt that i heard a barred owl. I then googled "barred owl, discovery park", and got your site. too cool - your barred owl either has friends or paid me a visit tonight. great pic! -Peter